April 20, 2014

Anonymous said: If one more person brags about how little sleep they get....

I didn’t get any sleep last night.

April 20, 2014   1 note

Anonymous said: I've been depressed for several years. I've been through countless therapists and still struggled. I think that if I never met my current girlfriend then I might have attempted suicide by now. Shes such a major support for me. I dont tell her this because I'm afraid she'll feel burdened or trapped. I try my best to not seem so dependent on her, cause girls get turned off by emotional guys. But if you are reading this my love, thank you so much for everything. I love you so much. Be safe and well


April 20, 2014

Anonymous said: I can't keep it in any longer. The thought of my hands firmly tugging the ends of Joe Meier's beautifully tamed ponytail, his voluptuous and muscled calves entangled around mine, his fixie watching our every move with approval from the corner of his dimly lit room, the sounds of Barry White "I can't get enough of your love babe" in the background sends shivers down my spine. Joe Meier, be the D to my comp, the type to my ography, the gear to my fix, the mac to my marco, the bush to my wick...

The c to your reepy? #thirst

April 20, 2014

Anonymous said: you are a hypocritical, jealous cunt with a flat, acne covered face with and teeth that stick out and skin that seems like it's stretched too much, and you can't sing for shit either

Whoa #triedit

October 22, 2013

Anonymous said: I think someone should revive that "Pratt Institute Hook Ups" page from last year

and you posted that here because… #geniusĀ 

October 14, 2013

Anonymous said: there is a girl with short green hair who is just so bitchy all the time about people. i hear her making fun of all of them all day. girl with short green hair, stop being so rude.

Green hair don’t care

October 14, 2013

Anonymous said: I realized that you aren't "toxic" people. You're just people that I, personally, can't get along with. I finally realized this, and since I stopped trying to gain your friendships, life seems to have become easier.


October 14, 2013

Anonymous said: I'm tired of hearing from other Pratt students that I got a good grade because I'm Asian. No you fuckers, I got a good grade because I WORKED HARD, STUDIED HARD, AND PUT TIME INTO IT. While you show up to class late all the time reeking of booze, cigs, and monster drinks with a shit project that the prof rips on. My race has nothing to do with my success and work ethic. If you're jealous and insecure about your shitty work and try to bring me down by stereotyping me, then THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

What? Ugh I hate when people post on here in Chinese.

October 14, 2013

Anonymous said: why are you all such stuck up bitches?

Who is you all #oohicantevenwithyou

October 14, 2013

Anonymous said: i'd like to find someone to practice shibari/rope bondage with, but now that pratt hook-ups is down i don't know where to ask

YOU SAYING WE LAST RESORT?? #youcantiemeupanymore